More efficient sessions

With this online program the duration of the therapy sessions can be reduced. You don’t need to count on board anymore. It will also help you to be more accurate with the dates.

Easy to learn - Easy to use

Timeline program is been designed to be easily useable. It is a very simple program, easy to understand. The video tutorial helps you to learn its use in a couple of minutes.

Quick and easy access

The data files are stored in a private cloud database. The user can access very easily from any computer, any part of the world. The files can be edited limitless times.


With a simple registration you immediately can start working with the program. For a whole day you get immediate access to almost all the functions.


Timeline program is a simple, online based program. A tool which assists therapists and other health practitioners to help their clients solving their problems more effectively and efficiently.


Gilbert Renaud

‘The Timeline Program is an important tool for therapists.  I have used it for the last 16 years of my practice as Naturopath and especially as a Recall Healing Facilitator.  The Timeline Program is using the cycle of autonomy based on the age that we reach at the moment independence from our biological parents. From that moment the brain has a tendency to repeat in a new cycle what happened in the first cycle until we become aware of it. I have used this timeline program to build my cycle of autonomy and it helped me hundreds of times to make connections.  It opened the door of awareness of why many of us repeat endlessly the same old.  I have then worked it out with more than 1,000 clients and demonstrated it in front of more than 3,000 students since I know about it.  In more than 95% of the cases, the Timeline Program has helped to identify, to make connection, to remember and to optimize the efficiency of a session with clients.
I recommend it to therapists of all backgrounds.  It is easy to use.  Once you have entered the necessary data you can explore different possible moments of autonomy without having to start from the beginning. Just for that Timeline Program saves to therapists and users a very precious amount of time.  I keep using it everyday.’

Gilbert Renaud PhD, RHS/TBC
Michelle LaMasa-Schrader

The program is so cool.  Thanks for letting me play with it!  I started my own timeline in the program.  It’s so amazing how you see different things each time you do the cycle of autonomy.  I saw that an important surgery lined up with the conception of son (which was very challenging) and the time that my mom left my father.  I’m so excited about using it for my clients.  I think it’s really good and I think it’s pretty easy to navigate so I think that most people would be able to use it.

Michelle LaMasa-SchraderM.A., M.S., Ph.D(c.)
Marta Vajai

I have been using the timeline concept for two years to explore my clients’ repetitive life cycles. The Timeline Program is a great help as it is accurate (no more calculation mistakes) and quick, therefore it saves me a lot of precious time I can spend with my client. It is easy to use and makes it very comfortable to load the previous session when we continue the work another time. Timeline Program is a flexible tool that makes exploring the repetitive life events not only effective, but also helps to estabilish a trustful collaboration with my clients as it represents a professional and scientific approach to the timeline concept. I highly recommend this program also to those who don’t have any clients, but study the timeline in order to explore their own cycles for their personal development.

Marta Vajaicoach and trainer
Helga Kaszas

As a HR professional and Supervisor I  often see how one steps into the same river time to time.  We  are following patterns, repeating events and shouting: again, oh no again!  But why? Why do we are bounded to certain behavioral pattern? Why do we have the same type of partner or boss?  Why do we have the same conflict in your life? Why do accidents happen? The answer is in our life-cycles. Now, we have the real opportunity to read and understand our life cycles, just by a click … and with help of a good consultant. Try it!

Helga KaszasHR Director